Classic "Transformers" Featured in Japanese Social Game

Social card came to launch on phones in February

Interspace and Takara Tomy Entamedia have announced a Transformers game for the Japanese social networking service GREE. Not the Bayformers or the many, many relaunches and redesigns; a slight variation on the original Convoy and his Cybertrons versus Megatron and his Destrons (or Optimus Prime, Autobots, Megatron and Decepticons as we know them).


Like so many new titles, Transformers for GREE will be a social card game. Players will be able to choose a faction, then build a virtual deck around them. Then they will be able to complete quests leading to boss battles, fuse two cards in order to get more powerful ones, or battle it out with other GREE users.


Transformers for GREE will launch on Japanese feature phones on February 10, and on smartphones on February 28.



via Dr. Serkan Toto

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