Kotaku's "Retro Game Master" License Expires Soon

Game Center CX's time on Kotaku is almost up

I'm not normally one for hyperbole, but Game Center CX is perhaps the most important television show of all time. Last year, Kotaku helped to finally bring it outside of Japan in the form of Retro Game Master, with host Shinya Arino's attempts to beat classic games both subtitled and dubbed in English.


Unfortunately, Kotaku's license is coming to an end, and Retro Game Master will not be returning past the initial 12 localized episodes. That also means the season that is currently online will be disappearing entirely, so there's no better time than now to catch up on anything you may have missed.



For those in the dark, Game Center CX documents comedian Shinya Arino's attempts to triumph over classic, typically infuriating games. He always does so with great positivity and humor, and peppers the show with segments in which he visits arcades, highlights "sexy" old school cutscenes, and more. It's always changing, and always fun.


Fans of the show haven't been entirely pleased with the execution of Retro Game Master, but the spirit of Game Center CX remains. Missing segments and a dubbed announcer aside, this is the most sincere, non-cynical gaming show around, and the biggest challenge present is not being absolutely smitten by the instantly magnetic charm of Arino. 


Did anyone follow the show as the episodes were posted to Kotaku? Better watch the rest before time runs out!


More info on the show: Ray Barnholt's indispensable episode guide

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