Sephiroth Playable in "Theatrhythm Final Fantasy"

The thing fans have asked about since 1997 is within reach--just not the way they expected

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy reminds me of the Square of old, the crazy risk-taking company who supported original and fun ideas with their backbone of million-selling Final Fantasy titles.


We already know that the 3DS rhythm game will have plenty of famous faces, from FFXIII's Lightning and Snow to IX's Vivi and IV's Rydia, but Theatrhythm also answers a request that series fans have had since 1997: you can play as Sephiroth in a Final Fantasy title.


Okay, that's not that big of a reveal after we got to play as the nodachi-wielding mama's boy in Dream Factory/Namco/Square's embarassing fighter Ehrgeiz, as well as both Dissidia titles, but having him in what amounts to Elite Beat Agents + Final Fantasy is more than welcome. What do you think?



via Siliconera

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