Australian Man Fights Off Home Invader with "Bleach" Anime Sword

Fashion photographer / manga fan describes weapon as "not dangerous but quite intimidating"

Sydney Australia's ninemsn reports that a local man returned home from jogging to find that an intruder had broken into his ground floor apartment. What makes the encounter interesting is that professional fashion photographer and self described manga fan grappled with the intruder before ultimately sending the crook fleeing when he grabbed a replica sword inspired by Bleach.


"I grabbed the sword to protect myself," he said.


The alleged intruder turned on his heels empty-handed and fled the apartment onto the street as Mr Terrey gave chase.


A handyman who witnessed the dramatic scenes from a nearby property managed to take a photograph of the alleged intruder on his mobile phone. Local police used the images to make an arrest later that day.


The 21-year-old Bleach fan said of his timber ornament weapon "it's not that dangerous but it's quite intimidating."


A video report on the encounter can be seen here.

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