"Tekken" Producer Harada Will Let Fans Vote on "Tekken X Street Fighter" Roster

Even fans of completely unknown, bottom-tier characters have a shot

While everybody's attention is focused on tomorrow's big announcement for Street Fighter X Tekken, snappy dresser and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada had some great news regarding Namco Bandai's half of the crossover, Tekken X Street Fighter.


First off, Harada announced that there would be a roster vote for Tekken X Street Fighter, after a fan asked if Poison and Street Fighter Alpha 3's Karin Kanzuki would be playable. Now fans will have a chance to vote for who makes it into the game, so you will only have yourselves to blame when Sodom and Dr. Boskonovitch are the strongest characters in the lineup.


One of the biggest gameplay questions for Tekken X Street Fighter is how Street Fighter's projectiles and Super Arts will be incorporated into Tekken-style gameplay for the next crossover--Harada recently tweeted that he was considering giving Street Fighter characters a special gauge or meter. All he's mentioned is that the system will be "simple, but cool." Harada has also mentioned his interest in making the game available for the PS Vita, just like Street Fighter X Tekken.


Personally, I'm all for this--my votes go for Makoto, R. Mika, Feng Wei and Sergei Dragunov. What about you?




via Shoryuken

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