Classic Game Developer Hudson Soft to Shut Down on March 1st

Company responsible for "Bomberman," "Bonk," "Adventure Island," and many other classics

Hudson Soft is responsible for two things: some of the finest games of the 8- and 16-bit gaming generations, and some of the biggest fights of my childhood thanks to Bomberman. Look, if you get blown up, it's your fault and no one else's and I stick to that.


On March 1st, though, Hudson Soft will be shutting its doors, putting an end to almost forty years of gaming history as it gets absorbed into its sister corporation, Konami Digital Entertainment--the arm of Konami Corporation responsible for Metal Gear, Castlevania and more.


On April 1st of last year, Konami acquired all Hudson shares, and as of right now Hudson has been focusing on mobile game development. Konami Corporation's plan is to have a single entity in its organization responsible for games development, including all mobile and social gaming development. In a similar fashion, Hudson's music business will be absorbed into Konami Music Entertainment.


This is pretty saddening news: sure, Bomberman Act Zero was kind of a crime, but this isn't the punishment I wanted for Hudson Soft. Check out some classic Hudson Soft commercials while I go and prepare some sackcloth and ashes for mourning their loss.



So what does this mean for you? I mean, sure, we can still get classic games since Konami owns the property now, but it's sad to see another classic giant bite the dust. What do you think?



via Andriasang

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