Tetsuya Nomura on "FF Versus XIII," "Kingdom Hearts 3D," and "Final Fantasy X HD"

Square Enix's main man talks about three of the RPG giant's biggest upcoming titles

Without fail, it happens almost every time somebody brings up Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the internet: "where's Final Fantasy Versus XIII?" It's almost become the JRPG equivalent of asking for Half-Life 3--although while Valve hasn't thrown fans a single bone, Square-Enix got everybody's motor running last year with a slick, action-packed trailer featuring Versus XIII main character Noctis and his arsenal of floating swords.


For the first time since the game entered full production, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer, director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura has spoken out about the highly-anticipated spin-off title in an interview with Famitsu. After taking another look at the game's development, Nomura mentioned that the characters' visual expressions have greatly improved from what we saw in the trailer.




The game will have a mix of real-time rendering and Visual Works pre-rendered CG, with roughly 70% of the game's graphics being rendered in real-time. While Square-Enix won't be holding an event like last year's January press conference, Nomura wants to set up some kind of Versus XIII-related announcement or showing this year, and aims to have the game playable on actual hardware the next time we see it.


But it wasn't just Versus XIII that Nomura had a lot to say about, as he talked about the endings for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS. According to Nomura, the original planned ending for the game was not approved, but the current ending is still unconventional for the series. Like other games in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3D will have a secret ending that will connect to the next Kingdom Hearts title. Shocking developments await!


Finally, word on Final Fantasy X HD is that development has fully started, so we can all look forward to forced laughter, Lulu, Blitzball, dodging lightning bolts, Lulu, Wakka's hilarious fake sorta-Pidgin English accent, and more Lulu, only now in HD.


What do you think, Square Enix fans? Around when can we expect Final Fantasy Versus XIII now that we're getting more concrete details? Am I the only one holding out hope for an HD remake of Final Fantasy XII


via Andriasang

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