VIDEO: "Super Mario Bros. Crossover" Update Adds New Graphics, Characters

Mix and match graphics, play as Bass and Luigi, and more

Fan-made Flash game Super Mario Bros. Crossover first hit the 'net in 2010, but it wasn't a one-and-done experience. Developer Exploding Rabbit has kept updates consistent, and the biggest is on its way this year. Get ready for new graphics, new characters and more in Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0


The premise of Crossover is as simple as the name suggests. Play through Super Mario Bros. with the added bonus of selecting characters from a roster of NES greats. Current players include Ryu (Ninja Gaiden), Link (Legend of Zelda), Bill (Contra), Mega Man, Simon (Castlevania), Samus (Metroid), Sophia III (Blaster Master) and, of course, Mario.


The next update boosts customization further by letting players choose which style of graphics they prefer to play with, from the original NES visuals to Super Nintendo and Game Boy, with the option of mixing and matching. Each character comes with different versions of their own game's music, too, with SNES and Game Boy sounds thrown into the mix. See all of that, and the addition of two new challengers, below:



Finally, Luigi gets to join in on the fun! The addition of the other Mario brother, as well as Bass, makes this an even more loaded project. Exploding Rabbit has 2.0 pegged for release "sometime during the first quarter of this year." 

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