Big "Street Fighter X Tekken" Reveals--Scramble Mode, Paired Battle, and Cole from "Infamous" Gameplay!

With Scramble Mode, Capcom has found a new way to get best friends to try to kill each other

Bring a fighting game to a gathering of friends, and you're sadly not going to make as much of an impact as you could in the old days. Only two people are playing, and you'll always have one or two people who are really good staying on the system the whole time, so everybody else is going to get understandably fidgety and bored.


In a series of reveals, Capcom has shown off more of the unique aspects that make Street Fighter X Tekken less of a straight, serious fighting experience and more the fast-paced, fun celebration of both franchises Ono promised it would be.

First up is Scramble Mode, which brings back the idea of the 2-on-1 Dramatic Battle from Street Fighter Alpha 3, only now it's 2-on-2, with all four characters onscreen at once and controlled by players. As you can see, it's pretty chaotic, and both players share the life meter and the Cross Gauge, so teams who practice together will do quite a bit better than two people just mashing buttons.

For a more measured pace, there's the Paired Battle Mode, which is closer to the actual gameplay--you'll fight one-on-one, but as two teams of two players in a tag-team style fight. Players can tag each other in to further combos or save each other from a KO, and while you'll have your own life meter, the Cross Gauge is still shared for both players. The video also shows off some gameplay featuring Infamous' sandbox superhero Cole MacGrath, exclusive to the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.


Honestly I think it's nice to see a fighting game that doesn't just exclusively cater to the super hardcore. While competition and technical, exacting gameplay are great things and very important to fighting games as a whole, sometimes it's better to ease up and let everybody have a chance to play. What do you think?




via Shoryuken (1)(2)

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