T.M. Revolution Named Anime Ambassador, Wants a 2D Wife

"Gundam SEED" singer describes lifelong love of anime, his ideal 2D wife

Gundam SEED singer and special guest voice actor Nishikawa Takanori (a.k.a T.M. Revolution) has been appointed as the public ambassador for the "Anime Mirai," an initiative from the Agency of Cultural Affairs to encourage the growth of young animators. The self-described anime fan admitted “When I was young, both of my parents worked, so my only friend was anime. I learned morals and the importance of family from anime.”


When asked about his possible marriage to Japanese model Nanao, he instead answered that the 2D girl he'd marry would be Squid Girl's Nagatsuki Sanae. He also mentioned that his favorite anime include One Piece and Evangelion, and that he enjoyed the K-on! movie.



As the ambassador for anime, Nishikawa expressed passion for the culture. “Compared to other countries, Japan can boast about its anime culture. As the costs for mass-produced anime increase, however, there is a rapid shift towards the use of cheaper overseas labor for production. The original techniques of animation from Japan have also flown overseas. I think that we must consider seriously on how to prevent this spirit of animation in Japan from fading.”


Works produced for Project Mirai in 2011 in conjuction with Answer Studio, Shirogumi, Telecom Animation Film, and Production I.G will be released in nine Japanese theaters starting on March 24th.


T.M. Revolution is also Cultural Ambassador for Shiga prefecture, his home region.


via Tokyo Hive and Alafista

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