"Persona" Comic Strips Collected in "Tartarus Theater" Book

Faceless "Persona" characters star in four panel manga

Seinen romcom (and occasionally hentai) artist Ryou Yasohachi (Uwagaki) has been poking fun at Atlus' Persona series, with faceless versions of its characters starring in his four panel comic strip Tartarus Theater. On January 27th, ASCII Media Works will be collecting these RPG send-ups in Persona 3 & Persona 4 & Persona 3 Portable Tartarus Theater for 893 yen (about US $11.60).


Shopping at Animate yields you a four panel comic "message paper" bonus while Gamers, MangaOh, and Comic Zin are promoting the release with a color illustrated card. If you buy the comic plus the latest issue of ASCII's Persona tie-in magazine (#4 on-sale February 7th), you can apply to get stickers of the faceless characters.


Tartarus Theater [Note: This is the comic that appears on the tankobon's wrapper.]

"Thanks a lot for taking care of her." 

"She's gotten so big! I thought up to a little while ago she was still in diapers, but—"

"She still is."


"It's a joke."

"Ahh, this is gonna be obnoxious."

Realism Theater [Note: This was published in Persona Magazine #3 to announce the takobon collection.]

"Would you like to collect Tartarus Theater into takobon format?"

"What, really?!"

"Well, it's not like we have permisson from Atlus yet or anything..."

"Hahaha, that..."

"I appreciate the offer, but there are so many ridiculous jokes in it it's gotta be impossible..."

"*message noise* We got the ok."

"NO WAY!!!"


Tartarus Theater

*sketch sketch*

"You really like drawing, huh, Chidori..."

"Junpei, if you're going to comment, please make it more like BS Manga Evening Talks." [Note: It's a TV show that goes in-depth on a particular manga.]

*sketch sketch*

"Uh, Uhm...Err...That...That is..."


[This one speaks for itself, heh. The sound effect is splashing.]

Tartarus Theater

"Ever since 'that' happened, he's been so sulky. Maybe it's just his turn..."

"Hey hey hey, I'm not making low quality threads, you jerk!"


"Hm? Ohhh, it's you. I'm already bored with you though."

"Did something happen?"


Tartarus Theater

"I'm gonna challenge you, too! OK?"

"Well, sure I guess so..."

"I always thought something like this might happen, but..."

"So...what do we do now?"

"This is problematic!"


via Comic Natalie


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Unofficial translation above by Emily Balistrieri

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