Do You Take Your Chibi "Persona 4" Figures With Glasses On or Off?

Coming from Kotobukiya in June

Kotobukiya presents the Persona 4 One Coin Grande Figure Collection in blind boxes of ten apiece for your completionistic pleasure. Seven of them of them come in two versions, one with glasses. See the cute 'n chibi pics below:





Yosuke Hanamura & Teddie



Chie Satonaka:



Yukiko Amagi:



Kanji Tatsumi:



Rise Kujikawa:



Naoto Shirogane:



Tohru Adachi (who doesn't have a glasses variant):


There are also two secret varieties, for a total of 17. Kotobukiya Direct has the 10-piece blind boxes pre-orderable for 7,140 yen (just about US $93).


via Sankaku Complex (Warning: some images may contain nudity etc.) 

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