VIDEO: Fans Recreate "Ocarina of Time" in "Minecraft"

"Hyrulecraft" comes bold with a 1:1 scale Zelda replica

If you've ever wanted to revisit a slightly blockier version of the world of Hyrule as depicted in 1998's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Hyrulecraft project is tailor made for you. Fans have put together a lovingly accurate 1:1 scale recreation of Hyrule, and you can explore it for yourself in Minecraft, or just soak in the sights of the video below.



Whether you play Minecraft or not, the hard work put into this is clear, and it's already sending some of those Ocarina memories flooding back. Hyrulecraft is currently in the live public alpha testing phase, with the ultimate goal of making it "a unique Minecraft MMO experience including quests, NPCs, dungeons, free build zones, guilds and more."


Via Game & Graphics

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