Mewtwo Headed to the US for Owners of "Pokémon Black/White"

Now if you're really cheap, you can roll with five legendaries AND a Mewtwo

While Pokémon Black and White boasted all-new Pokémon (even though I swear that Pidoves are just Starlies with a new coat of paint), it was kind of sad not to see any of the classics, even from the original 151.


Gamers in Japan recently got O.G. Pokémon psychic beatdown expert Mewtwo as part of a special giveaway, and now Pokémon fans in North America can get their hands on the original Pokémon movie "villain" starting February 12th--this guy is supposed to have a move that Mewtwo normally can't learn, so it's probably the same special-edition Mewtwo from the Japanese giveaway, which was armed with Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, and Electro Ball. He's also carrying a King's Rock, which gives a higher chance of making your opponent flinch.


You can find out more (as well as how to get your Mewtwo) on the giveaway page! Do we have any Pokémon trainers adding this guy to their Pokédex?



via Siliconera

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