"Neo-Geo" Branded Portable Console Leaked

New portable recalls SNK's arcade glory days

For those of you that were fortunate to grow up in the early '90s, Neo-Geo MVS arcade machines are sure to be a familiar memory with games such as World Heroes, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters. Now, an unnamed company looks to have struck a deal with SNK Playmore to license its trademarks and manufacture a new portable console that resembles the typically cheap Linux-based portable consoles such as the GP2X and Canoo.


The console as revealed by Japanese blog Famicom Plaza features a 4.3 inch display with the signature control pad from the Neo-Geo Pocket and four face buttons flanking each side with the addition of L and R triggers on the top of the console, as well as support for audio and video output. An SD slot is also provided for additional storage, while it's planned to ship with 2GB of internal storage and the following games pre-loaded:


  • World Heroes
  • Ultimate 11
  • Top Player's Golf
  • Sengoku 
  • NAM-1975
  • Mutation Nation
  • Last Resort
  • King of Monsters
  • Frenzy
  • Cyber Lip
  • Fatal Fury Special
  • Art of Fighting
  • Super Sidekicks
  • League Bowling
  • Metal Slug 
  • Magician Lord
  • Baseball Stars Professional
  • Samurai Shodown
  • The King of Fighters '94 
  • Fatal Fury
Neo Geo 1

Neo Geo 2

Neo Geo 3

Neo Geo 4

Neo Geo 5
Pricing and availability details aren't available yet, but it shouldn't be too long before it gets released.
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