VIDEO: Jailed Megaupload Founder Falls to #2 in "Call of Duty" Ranking

Founder posted video online of #1 ranking late last month, now #2 worldwide

Megaupload's founder Kim Schmitz (nee Dotcom) has been known to be the most flamboyant in the crew that was indicted and ultimately arrested last week after authorities seized Megaupload and all of its related assets.


Now, Kim's other claim to fame has also been unceremoniously taken away, as his prized #1 ranking in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for Kills and Free-for-All now belongs to online player "Azaros" while he sits awaiting trial, having recently been denied bail after being deemed an extreme flight risk. Guess he won't be able to play to get back to #1 for awhile.


Below, the infamous video where he lands the #1 ranking on New Year's Eve (mind the crappy dubstep):



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