VIDEO: Second Trailer for 'New Keiji Inafune' Produced "Mugen Souls" PS3 RPG

Coming from Compile Heart on March 22nd in Japan

We still don't quite understand the New Keiji Inafune thing, but naming yourself after the creator of Mega Man is one way to whip up some buzz for the RPG you're producing. "A man who respects Keiji Inafune and has a dream to become big producer just like him, that's who New Keiji Inafune is," says the game's official site.


One thing we do understand pretty well is new videogame trailers. Here's the latest for Overwhelming Game Infinite Souls (Attouteki Yuugi Mugen Sooruzu):



Since our last update, Overwhelming Game Infinite Souls' release date has been nailed down to March 22nd.


via My Game News Flash

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