"Persona 4 the Golden" Opening to be Animated by Madhouse

The newest weapon against the shadows: A motorbike?

This week's Famitsu has a set of new screenshots and information on the currently in development Persona 4 The Golden for the PS Vita, set to be released in Japan this Spring.


The first announcement in this week's issue is that the opening is being animated by Madhouse (Summer Wars, Chihayafuru). Famitsu even has a few screenshots of the newest opening:




Also revealed this week is that the bike, which becomes available once a license has been obtained can also be brought into battle by your teammates a license has been obtained. It was previously revealed that the bike can take you to additional events at the sea or neighboring towns.


Lastly, this week's article shows off the new evolution of Yukiko's persona which can be seen at the links below.


Source: Famitsu via Andriasang

Images from Famitsu ©Index Corporation 1996,2011 Produced by ATLUS


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