The Two Key Ingredients of "Final Fantasy," According to Yoshinori Kitase

"Tetsuya Nomura artwork" and "being just like the old games" are not on the list

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is just around the corner--next Tuesday, to be exact--and fans are ready to jump into Serah Farron's time-hopping adventure that's mostly free of her overprotective big sister.


With 2012 being Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary, series producer Yoshinori Kitase has had a lot to say about the franchise, but especially focused on the process of making new main-series FF titles in a recent interview.

"There are two things that I and the development team keep in mind when developing a new title, one aspect is the story, because Final Fantasy is about a fantasy story, we want it to be understood and received by anyone no matter where they live, who they are, where they’re from, just a story that they can get the same emotions as anyone across the world, that’s one aspect we always try to keep in mind."

"And the second point is the overall visuals, and the way the game feels, with the platforms continuously evolving and graphics becoming photo realistic, instead of going in that direction, we wanted to keep that distinct Final Fantasy feel, and there’s a little more freedom to move around in that, if you make it too real it might feel a little too dark and too serious, by keeping it in a fantasy environment there’s more freedom we can keep that distinctive feel and experience to all the games."


Well, that puts my fears to rest--while Kitase can joke about a Final Fantasy FPS and I'd almost definitely play one, it's nice to hear that the fine folks at Square-Enix still care about unique-looking (and most importantly) unique-feeling games. What do you think? Is the Final Fantasy team still following these rules?



via Siliconera

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