VIDEO: "Gravity Rush" Promo Mixes Live Action & Game Footage

Motion-controlled gravity coming to North American PS Vitas this spring

Sony Computer Entertainment has been sending around packages containing an apple (international symbol for gravity thanks to Sir Isaac Newton) and a DVD of the latest promotional video for Gravity Daze (aka Gravity Rush in North America): 




Billed as a "gravity action adventure" game, the title is being developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan studio and directed by Keiichirō Toyama, who worked on the survival horror series Siren. It seems to have a great soundtrack, too, if the official website is any indication.


Japanese gamers will be controlling gravity starting February 9th, but peeps in North America seem to have a bit longer of a wait than Gamestop thoughtGravity Rush is listed on SCEA's website with a spring 2012 release.


via 4Gamer

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