This Week in CRNews: Chinese New Year 2012 Edition

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The last time I did the recap it was the week of plain New Year's and that was a thing. Now it's the week of Chinese New Year's—this is also a thing! In fact, it is the handy summary of what happened on CRNews this week! Does a New Year spontaneously occur every time Joseph Luster goes off the grid? 


You may notice it's a little different than usual because I put the TOP videos in the TOP videos section. Let us know if you feel this is utter chaos or not in the comments...annnnnd enjoy catching on up all the hottest CRNews stories of the week:




Man Takes Cardboard Anime Character on Honeymoon Around Asia

Soulja Boy Makes Appearance at "Fullmetal Alchemist: Sacred Star of Milos" Premiere

Pop Culture Icons Get "Street Fighter 4" Art Make-Overs

Girls Generation to Perform on Letterman Show




"Sora no Otoshimono" to get Third Season

Shokotan Cosplays as Madoka Magica and Squid Girl

Column: OH!Victoria - "The War Against Otaku Elitists"

Why Don't' Japanese People Buy Western Games?

Nico Nico Lists Symphogear, Milky Holmes Season 2, High School DxD for Streaming

"Resident Evil 6" to Include 6-Player Co-op, 8-Player Competitive

Man Arrested for Simultaneous Theft of All 64 "One Piece" Volumes

Chill Your Drinks with "One Piece" Ice Cubes!

The KFC Double Down Invades Japan!

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Invades the US with Greatest Hits Album

"Kingdom Hearts 3D" Screens Show Off Fantasia World and More

"Gintama" Anime Inspired Glasses Go on Sale in March

Mewtwo Headed to the US for Owners of "Pokémon Black/White"

Evangelion's 6th Angel Reproduced in Glass

"Black Rock Shooter on TV" to be Streamed "Worldwide" with Subtitles in 8 Languages


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Fanart Friday, Fresh Off the Assembly Line Mecha Edition

Newest Japanese Independent Anime Shorts: Part 4

Active Time Birthday, Part One: Celebrating 25 Years of Final Fantasy!

Active Time Birthday, Part Two: Celebrating 25 Years of Final Fantasy!

ADV vs ARM, A Tale of Two Lawsuits




"Nyan Cat" Song Composer's New Album Feat. Hatsune Miku

Herman Cain Quotes Pokémon (Again)

Fans Recreate "Ocarina of Time" in "Minecraft"

Second Trailer for PS3 Game "One Piece: Pirate Warriors"

"Hetalia Academy" DS Opening and Preview

Japan Celebrates 10 Years of Salon du Chocolat with Hatsune Miku

Jailed Megaupload Founder Falls to #2 in "Call of Duty" Ranking

"Sakamichi no Apollo" Anime Promo; Watanabe x Kanno "Cowboy Bebop" Dream Team Returns

VIDEO: Two Men Join "Street Fighter X Tekken," Mega and Pac?!?

VIDEO: Live Painting by BLACK ROCK SHOOTER Manga Artist TNSK



Blizzard Cancels Blizzcon 2012 [The Escapist]

Iori Nomizu, Misuzu Togashi Lead Upotte!! Anime Cast [ANN]

Tales of Innocence R Hints at Another Remake [Andriasang]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Special Trailer [Andriasang]

Code Geass: Oz the Reflection's Details Revealed [ANN]


Keep shufflin' everyday in 2012, and thanks for chillin' with us at CR News! Let us know if there's anything we can do to be more awesome! 


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