Capcom Announces 5th "Ace Attorney" Game

10 years of "Gyakuten Saiban" deserves another

At a tenth anniversary event for the series today held at Mielparque Hall in Tokyo, Capcom announced the 5th courtroom adventure Ace Attorney game.



They didn't say what system or when it would be released, just that more is coming. We don't even know if the new one will feature Apollo Justice, Phoenix Wright, or someone else entirely.



Capcom also announced a collection on iOS of the first three Ace Attorney games, Gyakuten Saiban 123HD ~Naruhodō Ryūichi Hen~ (Ace Attorney 123 HD ~Phoenix Wright Arc~). "The courtroom battles that unfold with characters full of personality are all must-plays. See through the witnesses' lies and win innocence," said the press release. 



An Android version is planned, too, but the iPad/Phone/Pod Touch version seems to be coming first. Additionally, this game will be an update of the existing Ace Attorney iOS app, so it sounds like if you bought it, you'll just need to upgrade. There's a high possibility the HD collection will come to North America, since the original app is available, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.



Let's not forget the live action movie is close at hand as well—Japanese theaters get it February 11th. Perhaps more importantly, though, who is stoked for Ace Attorney 5


via Famitsu



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