"Fullmetal Alchemist" and More in Revoltech Figure Roundup

Includes "Evangelion," "Queen's Blade," Iron Man, and even fashion label figures

The Ed Elrich Revoltech (116 in the figure series), previews of which snuck out earlier this winter, has been fully revealed. It's Due March 15th for ¥2,980 ($40). Fan reaction has tended to be negative. What do you think?


via Comic Natalie:


Revoltech is bringing back the Toy Story Woody figure on February 11th without the imfamous face. Woody sells for ¥2,286 ($30).


Said infamous face:


via Tomopop, the new one looks like:


Revoltech's Queen's Blade/Queen's Gate line is being continued with Siggy and the Boost version of Alice. The figures will be released this spring for ¥2,980 ($40) each.


via Tomopop:


Revoltech Yamaguchi Eva Unit-04 from Evangelion Evolution - Next Gen Testbed-04 is due February 15th for ¥2,980 ($40).


via Gundam Century:


Sci-Fi Revoltech No.036 Iron man [Mark III] is due March 1st for ¥3,500 ($45)


via Kamen Rider Figure News:


Revoltech 115 goes an interesting route with a figure based on the A Bathing Ape fashion brand's Baby Milo mascot character.


The figure will be released on February 15th for ¥2,980 ($40).


via Kaiyodo:

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