VIDEO: An Interview with "Arakawa Under the Bridge" Live-Action Film's Village Chief

Shun Oguri dons his kappa suit for an "Arakawa Under the Bridge" interview

Hikaru Nakamura's absurd comedy manga Arakawa Under the Bridge follows a community of eccentrics living under a bridge. It's been adapted into two seasons of anime by the Madoka Magica team of Akiyuki Shinbo and Shaft, a live-action TV drama, and now a movie. In honor of the film's February 4th premiere, Cinema Today presents an interview with the village's chief (Shun Oguri).


The clip is in untranslated Japanese, but a big part of the joke is that, within the context of Arakawa Under the Bridge, the village chief is supposed to be an ill-tempered guy in a cheap looking kappa suit, and that comes across regardless of language.


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