Next "Bleach" Manga Arc Teased in Weekly Shonen Jump

Latest arc being teased as final leg of story

Tite Kubo's Bleach, long time Jump mainstay and hit franchise is about to go into its next arc in the manga, with the teaser ad in the latest issue of the anthology teasing at the possibility of it being the final leg of the long-running story.


New Bleach arc teaser ad


Of course, cynics will point out that the arc will not be the last and will invariably stretch on for volumes as found in the following comments from 2ch:


It's going to be longer than the Arrancar arc.

When it gets popular again, the title is going to change to Bleach2
and it'll enter a new arc...


と思うけど破面篇より長くなるってことは 後30巻ぐらい続くんだよな
I thought "So I'm finally hearing it's the last arc" but if it's going to be longer than the Arrancar arc its going to continue for another 30 volumes.


Personally, I'd like to see Kubo fix his massive issues with pacing and characterization, but the fact that I'm still reading and watching even after all of the issues means that he must be doing something right. I would have dropped it a long time ago, otherwise. What about you guys? Anyone looking forward to more Bleach, or have you given up?


Greg Lanson contributed translations for this report


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