RUMOR: "Street Fighter X Tekken" DLC Brings Four New Characters Including Guy and Christie

Rumored leaks include the "Final Fight" twosome, Akuma and more

A recent leaked list on ScrewAttack points to some interesting possibilities regarding downloadable content for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. While we already know about the not-yet-announced M. Bison (he even showed up in the newest story trailer), the list of rumored leaks shows Final Fight shinobi Guy, his brother-in-arms and sometime Street Fighter prison brawler Cody Travers, Tekken capoeirista Christie Monteiro and bajiquan expert Leo Kliesen.


The complete list of rumored leaks:


Boost Gem Pack 1 and Boost Gem Pack 2, $2.99 each: Boost Gem Packs each include 9 new equippable gems.


Color Edit Pack 1, FREE: Includes four new colors for Color Edit Mode.


Costume Swap S Pack, $9.99: Gives one Tekken-themed costume for each Street Fighter character.


Costume Swap T Pack, $9.99: Gives one Street Fighter-themed costume for each Tekken character.


Costume Swap X Pack, $15.99: Combines S and T Packs at a discounted price.


New Challengers Pack, $7.99: Adds four new characters to the game--Guy, Cody, Christie, and Leo.


X Unlocker, $4.99: Unlocks secret characters Akuma and Ogre, and all regular unlockable content like colors and modes. Pay five bucks and everything's unlocked from the get-go for you.


While we have yet to see any official word from Capcom regarding this, I'd say it's a pretty exciting rumor to consider. Counting PS3 and Vita exclusives Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Cole (along with Kuro and Toro), the game's full roster stands at a total of 40 characters, not counting the 4 rumored DLC add-ons. I'd drop eight bucks for a couple extra fighters.


I mean, if it's for real, you can reenact this:


What do you think? Is this a rumor we can count on, or should it be taken with a grain of salt?




via Shoryuken, ScrewAttack

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