VIDEO: "Sh*t Asian Parents Say" Hits the Nail Right on the Head

Remember: no dating, all your friends are criminals, and you'd better be a doctor so you can take care of them

One of the funniest parts of anime fandom are all the non-Asian people who wish they were Asian. But you see, even with all my stereotypical Asian abilities like bilingualism, martial arts, math, poor liquor tolerance and long, flowing hair that girls wish they had, I needed to endure a special crucible for all of that: my parents.


Okay, that's not a hundred percent true as my mom is more laid-back than most Asian moms and my old man is unusually forgiving for a first-generation immigrant, but even I, with my lax upbringing, was able to find quite a bit in common with the new comedy videos "Shit Asian Moms Say" and "Shit Asian Dads Say."

I think the scary thing is that the "Moms" video is closer to my dad than my mom, especially with the whole "do for me" part. What about you, Asians and non-Asians? Are Asian parents as scary as Asian girls? Or is this kind of behavior (sans accent) not confined solely to Asian parents? Tell us your horror stories in the comments!

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