Squid Girl and Yuru Yuri Heroines Featured on Zippo Lighters

A slate of "Squid Girl" prize merchandise also showcased

Squid Girl and Yuru Yuri's Akari Akaza and Kyoko Toshino are slated to be featured on Zippo lighters this March.


The double side, antique style pieces Yuru Yuri pieces go for 8,925yen ($117) each.


For less cash, you can get a pair of Yuru Yuri book covers for 1,365 yen ($18) each


Maybe because you're paying for a blue tentacle, but the Squid Girl Zippo is a more expensive 10,500 yen ($138)



Banpresto has also scheduled a slate of Squid Girl prize merchandise. Lottery tickets are on sale this month for 600yen ($8)


7 inch "big prize"


6 inch deluxe prize figure

5 inch model by Lemon House


Rubber cell straps


Clear file


2.5 inch chibi figures


via Moeyo

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