VIDEO: Female Android at Tokyo Department Store Looks for Love

Valentine's Day promotion meets uncanny valley

Ah, Valentine’s Day, when a young man’s fancy turns to finding a creepy inhuman female android to swear love and devotion to… Or at least, that’s the basic idea behind a new promotion now taking place at the Takashimaya department store in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.


I'd hit it...but only with a baseball that would dunk it into a water tank.

Behold, sitting in a see-through prison with the words, "Android falls in love? She is waiting for you" written on it, Geminoid F: a mechanical marvel created by assorted Osaka University robot boffins.


Modeled after an actual flesh and blood woman in her early 20s, Geminoid F is equipped with a purse, a cell phone, and Terminator-caliber data sensors that gives her the ability to react to people around her with smiles and/or disinterested yawns...just like real women do when you bang on their glass cages with candy and flowers!


Anyway, here's a video of Geminoid F doing what she does best, melting the hearts of all before her.



Call it weird or unnatural if you want, but in a week that has seen Hello Kitty working at Hooters and 1/3rd of Japanese youth giving up on sex and relationships, a romancing a Japanese fembot seems downright normal by comparison.


Source: CNET

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