"Bourne Identity" Director Discusses Adapting Japanese Sci-Fi Novel

Doug Liman discusses selecting "All You Need is Kill" and why studio might want a name change

Director Doug Liman recently sat down with the Insider to discuss his upcoming projects, including the adaptation of Hiroshi Sakurazaka's sci-fi novel All You Need Is Kill.


Asked about what criteria he uses to select his projects, Liman responsed:


The most important is: Am I in love with the characters? Then I ask: Is the world original? My next movie is called All You Need Is Kill, set in the future with Tom Cruise battling aliens. But what drew me to that is the same thing that drew me to this: it's totally original, completely entertaining and totally satisfying. A lot of times when you go original, you don't necessarily get satisfying in the equation. A lot of times when you do originals, you discover why there are clichés – they just work.


The Insider later asked, "You mentioned the movie you're doing with Tom Cruise, called All You Need Is Kill, but IMDB calls it We Mortals Are. Which is correct?"

It has 2 titles right now – the original title and the one in the press. The original script is called All You Need Is Kill but obviously there's concern at Warner Bros over a title with the world "Kill" in it, so I can't guarantee it'll be the final title but in my mind, that's the movie we're making. That's the title of the script I fell in love with.


All You Need Is Kill is published in North America by Viz's Haikasoru label

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