VIDEO: Capcom's Community Manager on the Stupidity of Difficult Fighting Game Inputs

Killian finds the strategy and mind games of fighters more important to the genre than insane manual dexterity

For many people, myself included, part of the fun of fighting games is the aspect of showmanship. While not all of us can have Desk-level execution, it's pretty impressive when you see somebody pull off Geese's Deadly Rave during a high-level King of Fighters XI match (which is never).


Honestly, complex and unfamiliar inputs can be a huge turn-off when it comes to getting people interested in fighting games. Before people start crying that "a quarter-circle forward isn't hard to do," keep in mind that I've been playing fighting games since 1992, and it's not easy teaching the motion to someone whose only previous fighting game experience was mashing buttons. That's the hurdle the genre is trying to clear.


In an interview with fan community The Shadowloo, Capcom Community Manager, former EVO organizer, and Street Fighter IV final boss Seth Killian finds obtuse fighting game controls to be one of the worst parts of the genre.

While he certainly does have a point, as high-level Virtua Fighter play is a sight to behold, I think it takes some of the accomplishment away from fighting games if inputs are simplified. While I think basic strategy techniques like projectiles and anti-air moves would do well having simplified inputs, high-damage moves like Supers and Ultras need more complex motions, not only to set up a "barrier" for their use, but also to prevent accidentally throwing out a Super--so when you blow it, it's your fault, not the game's.


What do you think? Should fighting games move toward simpler controls and a focus on strategy? Or is that something that still has to be taught, like Skullgirls is planning on doing?




via Shoryuken

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