Col. Sanders Cosplay Invades Japan for KFC Double Down Debut!

Costumes made from Raincoats, Tape, and T-shirts

Abandon all hope who enter here: The infamous KFC Double Down finally made its debut in Japan on Feb/2!


Atsushi Tamura as nature intended (left) and as history should remember him (right)


Comedian and TV personality Atsushi Tamura (best known for being one half of the London Boots duo) risked his life by becoming spokesperson for the product. Invoking the spirit of Colonel Sanders via cosplay was par for the course, as Atsushi donned the white suit, string tie, goatee and glasses familiar to billions of "finger lickin’ good" fried chicken lovers across the globe...


The question of our age: KFC or Pizza Hut?


At the media event for the Double Down, Atsushi was made “marketing manager” of KFC for two days (a role he has been fulfilling on Twitter) and, as part of the deal, got a big certificate from an important-looking guy in a suit. 



Up next was a Col. Sanders cosplay costume open to the public. Contestants got a free Double Down just for showing up and then battled it out for the grand prize, perhaps the grandest prize of of all chicken for a year!

Comedy group nibunnogo (above) next showed up in homemade Col. Sanders costumes. Admitting "Celebrities don't have any money, so…" the group showed off their pithy homemade costumes crafted from raincoats, tape, and T-shirts...

A Colonel shows off his homemade cane...among other things.



Some genius even filmed the entire KFC press event and uploaed it to YouTube (above) for future generations to marvel at! See if you can endure all one hour and forty seven minutes of it before you rush into the streets in a fright wig and white tights screaming for a Double Down to make everything all right again.


Source: Mantan

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