Namco Bandai Working on "Accel World" Game for PS3 and PSP

What originated as a light novel makes the full adaptation rounds

Another reveal in this week's issue of gaming mag Dengeki PlayStation concerns Accel World, which originated as a 2009 light novel by Reki Kawahara, and was later adapted into a manga. With an anime scheduled for April, the next logical step is a leap into the world of games, and Namco Bandai is taking Accel World in that direction on PlayStation 3 and PSP.


Outside of the general announcement, not much more is known about the game adaptation at this time. Apparently it's going to be a strategy game, which has your Duel Avatars facing off in one-on-one battles. 


Hopefully we'll learn more about what's in store for the Accel World game soon.


Via Andriasang

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