Alien-Faced Blogger Girl Will Scare the Yell Out of You!

Say Hello to "Dina Leopard"

Meet "Dina Leopard" (um, probably not her real name), a blogger and model whose pictures have recently set off a wave of controversy across the internet in China, Japan, and probably a few neighboring galaxies as well...




We’re not sure how real / fake the pictures that appeared on her blog might actually be, but it is safe to bet she’s taken a few cues from that really skinny girl who tried to look like anime characters a few months back.


Isn't this exactly what you wanted for Xmas?


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course, so maybe you find Dina’s unnaturally large eyes and pointed chin to be  the hottest thing since the final 10 min of Alien Autopsy. If that's the case, then feast your peepers on a selection of pics below:



Aspiring suitors take note: don't even think about it...he saw her first!



Source: Rocket News 24

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