"Conception: Please Have My Child" PSP Game Release Date, First Cast and Characters Revealed

Save the world by bonding and having children with 12 maidens

The official website for Spike's very unusually premised PSP RPG Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure (roughly Conception: Please Have My Child) renovated itself yesterday, giving the first glimpse at the game since it was first announced and teased with a trailer back in November.



The game will be released on April 26th in Japan for 6279 yen (~$80 USD). You play as the main character Itsuki Yuge (c.v. Yuuki Oono) who is, after being told "Seems I'm pregnant" by his cousin Mahiru who he lives with, warped away with her to an alternate world. Along with 12 "star children" created with 12 maidens of the zodiac, he is tasked with saving the alternate world, which is being invaded by "impurities," in order to return home. To increase your power, you must increase the number of children you have and your bonds with the maidens to produce more powerful children.


The site has also announced the voice actors for the first set of maidens, with voice samples:


Alie (Aries), a nun, voiced by Aya Endou (Miyuki in Lucky Star)


Tarua (Taurus), a postwoman, voiced by Momoko Oohara (Miyashita in Mitsudomoe)


Liris and Lirie (Gemini), two personalities of a fortune teller, voiced by Kana Asumi (Popura in Working!)



For more screenshots and info visit see the source links below.


Sources: Official Site, 4gamer.net

Images via 4gamer.net ©Spike

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