Check out the Myriad Modes of "Tekken 3D Prime Edition"

Survival, versus, and a card-collecting mode with art from the entire series are highlights

Great news for Namco Bandai fans: the upcoming Tekken 3D Prime Edition for the 3DS will have no shortage of single-player content.


Like many fighters, T3DPE will have a survival mode, only this one will come with something special. The appropriately-named Special Survival Mode... sounds exactly like other fighters' survival modes, where you have one chance to take on a series of enemies and see how many you can take down before you're knocked out. What sets this game apart is that you can set it for a 5-Battle, 10-Battle, 20-Battle or 40-Battle series of matches, and every tenth match can only be won by dealing damage through juggles.


Like every other fighter, Versus Mode allows you to challenge friends locally or online. No word yet on details for Download Play, or how many characters are available to players without a cartridge.


Quick Battle is nice for a fast practice run, letting you take on ten CPU opponents in a row. Practice Mode lets you sharpen your skills, and will hopefully be as in-depth as previous Tekken installments. Profile Mode (naturally) gives you all the options you need to set up your profile, as well as customization options for your characters.


In a move designed to glue the 3DS to my hands for all of time and space and satisfy my uncontrollable collecting urges, Tekken Card Mode gives you a massive gallery of cards, including art from the entire series and the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie, which is also included on the cartridge so you can watch the insane Heihachi-Kazuya-Jin three-way brawl in 3D. Check out more of the cards:










You buy cards with CP that you earn through battles, so it'll take a lot of kung-fu fightin' to collect 'em all. Tekken is one of the fighters that seems better-suited to the limited controls available on a handheld, so I'll be picking this up. What about you? Are you going to be recording ten-strings and King's Chain Throws for your touchscreen controls?




via Siliconera

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