Hiromu Arakawa's New Illustration for "Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos"

Two disc soundtrack compilation also scheduled for Japanese release this month

Hiromu Arakawa, author of the original Fullmetal Alchemist manga has lent a hand for the limited edition Japanese release of the new movie, The Sacred Star of Milos. The DVD/Blu-ray collection includes the Arakawa art box, a special booklet with storyboard art and designs, commercials and a sixty minute making-of feature.



A two Disc THE Best Fullmetal Alchemist sountrack compilation will also be released on February 29th.


. A Melissa (Porno Graffitti): TV 2003 OP year first phase
Year 2003 ED TV first stage: (Nana Kitade) 2 sin indelible.
. 3 READY STEADY GO (L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel): TV 2003 OP year the second phase
Year 2003 ED TV Phase 2: (YeLLOW Generation) to the other side of the door 4.
. 5 UNDO (COOL JOKE): TV 2003 OP Phase 3 years
. 6 Motherland (Crystal Kay): TV 2003 ED Phase 3 years
. 7 rewrite (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION): TV 2003 OP year the fourth stage
. 8 I Will (Sowelu): TV Year 2003 ED - The 4th Season
Wounds of sorrow 9 (Nana Kitade):. PS2 game theme song
. 10 Link (L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel): OP Movie 2005
11.LOST HEAVEN (L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel): ED 2005 The Movie

■ DISC 2

. 1 again (YUI): TV 2009 OP year first phase
Year 2009 ED TV first stage: (Sid) lie 2.
. 3 hologram (NICO Touches the Walls): TV 2009 OP year the second phase
. 4 LET IT OUT (Miho Fukuhara): TV 2009 ED Phase 2 years
. 5 Golden Time Lover (Sukima): TV 2009 OP Phase 3 years
TV year 2009 ED Phase 3: (Lil'B) six hand are connected.
. 7 Period (CHEMISTRY): TV 2009 OP year the fourth stage
Sentimental moment 8 (SCANDAL):. TV year 2009 ED - The 4th Season
. 9 Rain (Sid): TV 2009 OP 5th year
10.RAY OF LIGHT (Shoko Nakagawa): TV 2009 ED 5th year
. Drama 11 (Sid): Wii game theme song
12.Chasing hearts (miwa): 2011 theater opening song
13.GOOD LUCK MY WAY (L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel): Theme Song Theatre in 2011


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