VIDEO: Wash Your Brain With Gonzo's "Touch Detective" Spin-Off Game Promo

Casual mushroom harvesting promoted with bizarrely hypnotic animation

BeeWorks brought us Touch Detective for Nintendo DS back in 2006 (in North America via Atlus) followed by a sequel in 2007, but lately they've been releasing free spin-off apps. One of them, available in English (and for Android, too) as Mushroom Garden a.k.a. Funghi Gardening Kit, features Detective Mackenzie's investigation assistant Funghi, but instead of solving mysteries you'll be helping the mushroom spawning cause by tending to a log garden.


The mushroom growing sim has apparently been gaining popularity. Two "seasons" packs have been released so far with snow and love themes, with at least three more on the way. Now, animation studio Gonzo (Rosario + Vampire, Strike Witches) has created a promotional video:



The funghi sort of invade your brain...all thanks to direction and storyboarding by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Nyanpire, chief animation director on Hunter x Hunter). 


Have any of you guys tried this Mushroom Garden? The "love" theme was localized for Valentine's Day, so it must have at least some English language following. Any Touch Detective fans? 


Source: via Hachima Kikou

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