VIDEO: "Sadako 3D" Brings the Terror of "The Ring" in Three Dimensions

It's not just TV's either--not even your computer monitor is safe any more

Horror movies and 3D work together like a charm. While the movie may be goofy and schlocky and kinda bad, it's still fun to see the monster/killer/what have you leap out of the screen at the audience. The oppressive, creepy atmosphere of Japanese horror is no exception to this, as J-horror classic Ringu (The Ring for its US remake) gets the 3D treatment with the upcoming Sadako 3D.

That's not cool, Sadako. Everybody's VCR is in their closet now, so how can we copy the tape and keep the "seven days" curse at bay? Or is it something new this time around? I'm interested--what about you?




via TokyoHive

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