3DS Gets Dissed in Sony's Cute News Service on PS Vita

Kuro rags on the Nintendo handheld's 3D effects

It's unclear whether Gravity Daze (aka Gravity Rush) creative director Keiichiro Toyama (also known for directing the original Silent Hill and the Siren series) realized he was setting up Kuro's dig on the Nintendo 3DS, but check out what happened in what appears to be a recent clip of PS3's game/anime etc. news service Weekly Toro Station viewed through the Minna to Issho friend app for PS Vita:


"Thanks to the [PS Vita's] wide angle organic electroluminescence display, even if you tilt it, it's doesn't get hard to see!"

"If it gets hard to see when you move it just a little bit, you can't really play games or anything..."

It makes sense for Toyama to talk about tilting the PS Vita since Gravity Daze uses motion control to affect gravity in the game, but do you think it's ok for them to bash the 3DS that way? 


via Hachima Kikou

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