Twitter Experiment Results in Half-Naked Japanese Man Covered in Clothespins

Comedy site writer trapped at work until he gets 1,000 retweets

Only the boldest of Twitter experiments could leave Sebuyama, a writer for Japanese comedy site Omokoro, covered in clothespins in his underoos. Sebuyama wasn't allowed to leave the office until one of his tweets got 1,000 retweets, and the results of the experiment show that everyone loves a little Internet humiliation.


Omokoro chief editor Harajuku tasked Sebuyama with the lofty 1,000 retweet goal at around 10pm, and he was forbidden from leaving the office until he reached it. This forced Sebuyama to think about what would get the most attention, without letting his then 2,131 followers know about the experiment itself.



Sebuyama tried a few different angles at first. He initially called for a simple "Everyone! Please retweet this!" It worked, but only netted a total 52 retweets. Subsequent attempts were less successful, until inspiration struck at 11am the next day, when Sebuyama got the idea to try the "I'll do _____ the number of times this is retweeted" angle.


His masterpiece tweet went out: "I'll stick clothespins on my body equal to the number of times this is retweeted and post a picture online." 



After taking a 2-hour nap, Sebuyama awoke to the glorious surprise that the clothespin tweet had been retweeted 1,815 times, and kept his word before finally leaving the office. 



His full (Japanese and NSFW) report went online, with the conclusion that "'I'll do _____ the number of times this is retweeted' tweets get retweeted like crazy." Sebuyama's clothespin artistry overcame the language barrier, garnering attention from users across Japan, and even getting him a bunch of Korean followers in the process. 


What lengths would you go to for retweets?


Via Rocket News 24

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