Mayu Watanabe Cosplays "Macross F" at AKB48 Event

"I don't have a nice body like Sheryl..."

AKB48 recently held a meet-up at Tokyo Big Site that anime fan and B team member Mayu Watanabe said brought back memories of last summer's Comiket. "It was so hot!"


This time she cosplayed as Sheryl from Macross F and posted pics to the blog of AKB sub-group Watarirouka Hashiritai (of which she is also a member):





Here she is along with Miku Tanabe (K team member) as Yui from K-On!:



As cute as she looks, Watanabe later lamented on her blog, "But just as I thought, I don't look good as Sheryl, lol. I don't have a nice body like Sheryl, so…it was just completely impossible. [...] I wish I had just behaved and done Ranka like a Ranka-type should."


She cosplayed as Ranka (also from Macross F) at a meet-up last December at Makuhari Messe:



This time most people recognized her as Sheryl, but she had a good laugh when someone mistook her as a character from Galaxy Express 999. "Who here is Maetel?!?"


via Otanews

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