"The [email protected]" Takes Over Auto Salon Amlux Tokyo

Take a test drive in some pro-style itasha

On February 11th Auto Salon Amlux Tokyo became (rough translated) "Amlux x [email protected] Is this live!? Sunday Official Tour Edition" in a special [email protected] collaboration. Attendees can test drive two decorated Toyota cars, while one additional car is show floor only. 


Here's the the test-driveable Prius:






And here is the Ractis: 






Finally, the WISH, not available to drive: 





The [email protected] characters Makoto Kikuchi and Yukiho Hagiwara were both announcers in the building and companions in the cars, singing and talking while you test drive. It costs 1000 yen (almost US $13) to cruise for up to 60 minutes. 


Illustrations were based on the anime and [email protected] Gravure 4 U versions of the characters so it's a little different from the videogame. A previous [email protected] deco car event was held last October with just a Vitz available to drive.


This time there are some incentives to call all your friends down to the event. First, if total test drives reach 150 an original wallpaper present will be unveiled. For 250, a new deco car will be added to the line-up. At 400, an original thank you message will be posted. The event runs through March.


By the way, the rest of the cars' characteristics are being explained by live-size cut-outs of [email protected] characters:






via Hachima Kikou, 4Gamer

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