VIDEO: "Code of Princess" Clips Show Off Four Playable Characters

Get a better look at the Nintendo 3DS brawler's action

Last week we were treated to a video of 3DS beat 'em up Code of Princess' tutorial, and while that showed off some moves, newer videos really get into how each character plays. Get a load of four playable characters and all their sweet combos in action below.


Ally & Allegro:


Solange & Zozoko:


With a team composed of some of those who worked on Treasure's classic Sega Saturn beat 'em up, Guardian Heroes, Code of Princess looks to keep the plane-shifting brawlin' action alive in all the right ways. 


It hits Japan on April 19, and Agatsuma is hoping to release it in the west, as well. Hopefully we'll hear more on that soon!


Via Siliconera

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