VIDEO: J-pop Meets Heavy Metal with...BABYMETAL!

"Welcome to the mosh pit of Chaos"

Sunday seems a day as good as any to talk about BABYMETAL, so consider this: Originally formed in 2010, this 3-girl idol unit was conceived (possibly by demons)  as a mix of innocent schoolgirl J-pop and devil-horns ready heavy metal. Or at least, that's what I think what's going on. The introductory video below raises more questions that it answers.



I can’t prove this in a court of law, but I am willing to bet that their name, BABYMETAL (ベビーメタル) is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of “heavy metal” (ヘヴィメタル). Also, they're really young, almost baby-ish, if you will, so there’s that…


With gimmicks like these, and a slogan to the tune of "welcome to the mosh pit of Chaos", it’s no wonder  that the group has been steadily rising through the idol gauntlet in Japan, complete with stints at the Tokyo Idol Festival and on the hallowed grounds of Shinjuku Loft where many a hard metal act has rocked before.


Now, it’s your turn to be enchanted, bewitched, and possibly even sell your soul to BABYMETAL! Gaze upon the promotional video for their song Doki Doki☆Morning below, complete with conjuring circles and thrash guitar skeletons and wonder, "where can Japan possibly go from here?"



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