"Code Geass: Oz The Reflections" Manga Official Site Opens

Featuring art of the two protagonists

The new Hobby Japan x Newtype Ace print media project, Code Geass: Oz The Reflections got its official website today:



The new story takes place between the first and second seasons of the TV anime and is told from two perspectives. Hobby Japan will print a "photo story" about a young terrorist Orphes Jivon (real English spelling up for grabs) in pursuit of his lover's enemy while Newtype Ace will carry a comic from the point-of-view of anti-terrorist Glinda Knights member Aldrin Jivon. (No matter how you spell their names, the two protagonists appear to be related?). 


Staff as follows...


Planning: Sunrise

Organization: Shigeru Morita (scripts for Code Geass TV, Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne)

Character Designs: Takahiro Kimura (Code Geass TV, key art for Sacred Seven)

Knightmare Design: Eiji Nakata (Code Geass TV, animation director Eureka Seven) and others

Mecha Design: Kenji Teraoka (Code Geass TV, Bodacious Space Pirates)


Serialization is expected to begin in spring.


via Yaraon!

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