"Resident Evil 6" Story Details and Tons of Screenshots

Next chapter of survival-horror saga set in fictional Chinese city

It looks like Street Fighter X Tekken wasn't the only big Capcom title confirming rumors--upcoming action/survival-horror blockbuster Resident Evil 6 will, after past rumors, be taking place in China.


Specifically, the game will take place in Lanshiang, a fictitious coastal city that will serve as the story's main location. I wouldn't be surprised if we make the move from crowded close-quarters urban combat with B.O.W.s (bio-organic weapons) to a more tense trip through the countryside, and finally a visit to a sterile biological weapons development lab or two, just like Resident Evil 5.




Now leader of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) seen in RE5 and Resident Evil: Revelations, Chris Redfield has faced an as-yet-unknown personal trauma six months before the events of Resident Evil 6. Meeting a BSAA team in China to face a bioterrorist threat, he joins up with government agent Leon Kennedy of RE2 and RE4 fame as well as a mysterious third protagonist who's only in it for the money. Ingrid Hunnigan, Leon's handler and information support in Resident Evil 4, will also make an appearance.




Unlike the relatively simple-minded Ganados and Majini of the last two games, Resident Evil 6 brings zombies back to the series, but now they're known as J'avo, a surprisingly intelligent breed of B.O.W. capable of understanding speech as well as use of more complex weaponry and tactics--they'll also be able to regenerate from heavy damage, mutating destroyed limbs into different forms. The J'avo were discovered six months ago in a warzone in Eastern Europe--could there be a connection between the J'avo, Chris' personal tragedy, and the enigmatic mercenary teaming up with Chris and Leon?




In order to combat these new monsters, players will be armed with an updated control scheme that lets them shoot while moving, deliver melee strikes, evade enemy attacks, and slide into cover. Yep, if anything it looks like Resident Evil 6 will be going much farther with the action-oriented approach, but there's no need to be worried just yet. Alan Wake and the Left 4 Dead games provided plenty of action while still being able to deliver excellent horror atmosphere and unforgettable moments.













Not the best way to end a preview of a game, but we all know Chris will put that assault rifle to good use. Honestly, I'm excited to play this, specifically for the game's 6-player co-op--there are times that I think I was the only gamer with friends when Resident Evil 5 came around. What about you? After learning a little bit more about Resident Evil 6, are you looking forward to its November 20th release? Or are you more a fan of the classic, overwhelming feeling of dread that Revelations did so well?



via Siliconera

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