Sazh Hits the Casino in "Final Fantasy XIII-2" DLC [UPDATED]

The fro and his son return, and Square Enix adds new costumes

If you found yourself missing the afro-sporting Sazh Katzroy in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you'll be able to catch up with him via DLC. Looks like he and his son are part of a new storyline, "Heads or Tails," which takes place in the Serendipity casino area.



In addition to the story, the Sazh DLC adds two new casino games, Chrono Bind and Serendipity Poker. The episode will be available on February 28 for ¥600/400 MS Points. 



Square Enix is also adding two new costumes on February 21, prior to the Sazh DLC. Pictured below, Serah's Resort Style outfit and Noel's Guardian of Space-time outfit will be priced at ¥300/240 MS Points each.



UPDATE: I noticed some confusion in the comments, sorry about that. Both of these appear to be hitting North America together on February 28. Sazh's episode will be 400 MSP/$4.99, and the Serah/Noel costume pack will be 240 MSP/$2.99.


Via Siliconera

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