"Gintama" High School Cultural Festival Tours Japan

Event to promote "Four Devas" Arc visits Fukuoka and Osaka

"3rd Year Class Z Ginpachi-sensei" is a series of extra spoofs that play at the end of some Gintama episodes, re-imagining the alt-history action comedy's cast as teachers and students at a conventional Japanese high school. Last fall, that joke inspired a "cultural festival" held in Tokyo. Next month, it's back with stops in Fukuoka (March 17) and Osaka (March 29).


Visitors can tour a recreation of the Gintama High School and play a number of games, fashioned after ones typically run at Japanese school cultural festivals. Bookmarks will be awarded to game winners and limited goods will also be offered for sale.



Principal Hata bust greets everyone at the entrance.


The original event was promoting the "Four Devas" Arc, and that motif is being brought to the new locations.


May bowling game - knock down 5 bottles to win.


Cafeteria Curling - slide the appropriate foot to Gintoki, Hijikata, and Katsura, but don't let it get to Kagura.


Hair Show at the Barbershop - pick a hair style. if the wheel lands on the one you guessed, you win.


Shinpachi Fishing - fish for Shinpachi, or in other words, a pair of glasses.



Tickets with festival t-shirts:



via Comic Natalie and Yorozuya Soul

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