VIDEO: Newest MMD Model "Type Tda Miku Append"

One of the most futuristic Miku ever

The Japanese Hatsune Miku and MMD (MikuMikuDance) fans are so excited about the newest type of MMD model "Type Tda Miku Append". This model is developed by Tda (pronounce “teedah”) and released on February 17 at the Japanese online store Melon Books. The price of the model is 525 yen (approximately US$6.60). 


Type Lat Miku developed by Lat has been one of the most famous MMD models. As you know, it has been used in so many popular PVs. The MMD fans have already started posting the new videos using Type Tda Miku Append. She already has her own fan club!  How do you like this new Miku? Will she be the most popular model just like Type Lat?






Introduction video


Source: Hatsune MikuMiku

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